The herbs is the link between the plant and animal kingdoms. Herbs receive mineral substances from instinct, which serve as food for humans and animals. 

Herbs bring us the nourishing power of the sun, it's own nourishing value, bouth mental and physical.

We are  connected.


  • Cyclic female teas

    Lovely ladies, women, magicians, fairies, sisters, mothers, wives, lovers, creators.

    I have developed these tips for you, because self-care and self-understanding is the basic key to opening all doors in your life. 

    In joy, love and harmony.

    In all phases, cycles, constantly repeating and equally always different. It´s still you. Beautiful woman!!

    I believe that you will find time  for yourself with cup of tea.

    That´s the least and the most at the same time. 

    Enjoy! With love, Renáta.

  • The edition from...

    Good for your body and soul. 

  • Gift package

    Delicious tea in a gift box.

  • Spring tea

    It´s stirs up, relieves, releases everything old and unnecessary from us because spring is a new begining. 

  • Cafes, bistros,...

    Before meal or after a meal, a cup of tea, a good mind, relaxation, the fresh smell of herbs.

    The customers is happy to come back because he enjoyed himself.

  • Summer tea - herbal...

    Herbal tea in the summer? 


    Room temperature herbal tea will keep you balanced even in the hottes weather. 

  • Colds, coughs,...

    Tea for the cold season.

  • Organ teas

    For the normal function of our organs.

    Drink anytime.

    My recommendations :

    Spring - For liver and gallbladder

    Summer -  heart, small intestin - Functional pipes, Summer cooling

    Indian summer - stomach, lymphatic system, pancreas -  Freshness and nutrition, Lymph streams

    Autumn - lungd, large intestine - Dry cough, Wet cough, Good immunity

    Winter - kidneys, bladder - For kidneys, Bladder, Massala the

  • Weight loss support

    Do you want to feel satisfied in your body? 

    I recommend this tea : 

    and .. rest and sleep well

  • Autumn teas
  • Sauna, wellness

    Take care of yourself

  • Rituální čaje

    Rituální čaje jsou vytvořeny pro oslavu důležitých svátků roku, jako vzdání úcty silám Matky přírody v jejích svátečních, přechodových časech. Můžete je použít pro nálev, odvar, do vína (svařeného). Připravit si z nich koupelovou sůl pro očistnou koupel či vhazovat je jako obětinu do posvátných ohňů. Také je můžete použít pro vytvoření rituálního kruhu. Více informací o jednotlivých svátcích se dozvíte na mém blogu.

  • Sport, yoga, tourism

    Herbs for the normal function of the circulatory system, lymphatic system and muscle function.

  • Stress and relaxation

    Rest and sleep. :)

  • Christmas tea

    Thematically mixed teas for Christmas time.

  • Sign of the Zodiac

    Exceptional combination for each Zodiak sign. 

    The character of the sign is combined here with the character of the properties of the herbs.

  • Women´s teas
  • Winter teas
  • Pro studenty/studující...

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